Practice Areas

Landlord and Tenant

Whether you own a property and have trouble with your tenants, or you’re a renter with a landlord who isn’t treating you right, you need someone with experience in housing law to guide you through housing court.  I handle all aspects of landlord/tenant law, including evictions/eviction defense, security deposits, bad conditions, warranty of habitability and quiet enjoyment. I have worked with companies that own multiple properties, individuals who own just a single unit, and everyone in between. I also work with mobile home parks/manufactured housing communities to meet their highly specific needs when it comes to working with their tenants.  If you are on the tenant side of the equation, maybe you’re a young family renting a home while you save up to buy your first house, or perhaps you’re a college student renting your first apartment off campus- whatever the situation, if your landlord tries to take advantage of you, I can help. Landlord/tenant law in Massachusetts has many important nuances to it, and can wreak havoc on your life and livelihood if you’re unprepared.  Why risk going it alone when professional help is available in your area for a reasonable price?

Civil Litigation

Even a seemingly small case in the local district court requires an expert knowledge of rules, procedures and case law.  If you’re thinking about filing suit on your own, or forced to defend against a lawsuit filed by someone else, you need to consider the complicated nature of both the law and the legal system itself.  You’ll need to be a master of the rules of civil procedure while trying to manage deadlines and court dates among other things, and if you work full time, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the heavy hammer of justice.  My skills have been sharpened by both education and experience, why not put them to work for you?

Wills and Estates

It may be difficult to think about, but a good estate plan is needed to ease the burden on your family after your passing.  Whether you’re looking to manage your assets in your post-retirement years or seeking protection for your minor children in the event of a sudden tragedy, I can help.  I review estate planning goals and then craft a will that ensures your property passes along to your loved ones with minimal friction.  I also prepare other estate-related paperwork such as living wills/medical proxies, and power of attorney documents. The state of Massachusetts requires strict adherence to the formalities of the law when it comes to testamentary documents such as wills, so it makes sense to hire a professional and get it right the first time.  I’m also available to help those who have recently lost loved ones move through the probate process. Such times can be trying, but my combination of compassion and knowledge of the law makes the legal procedures manageable so you won’t have to worry during your time of loss.

Don’t See The Service You Need?

My practice is not limited to the above, these are merely examples of what I have done recently.  As a general practitioner, I handle many different types of cases in different areas of law.  In the event that I’m not confident that I will be able to provide you with the best legal services for your particular case, I have a large and experienced network of attorneys to whom I refer cases at no additional cost to clients.