Recent Cases


  • Filed suit for breach of contract on behalf of medium sized private school for non-payment of tuition, negotiated favorable settlement.
  • Appealed small claims judgment against small business, settled with favorable results at appeals stage.
  • Negotiated dismissal of debt collection action against graduate student.


  • Worked with Middlesex County Sheriff’s office to conduct Sheriff’s sale of mobile home unit in Metro-west Mobile Home Park after tenants were successfully evicted and abandoned unit.
  • Won summary process (eviction) case against tenants in Metro-west area for non-payment of rent, procured execution from Marlborough District Court enabling Constable to reclaim property due to tenants’ refusal to move out after court order.
  • Successfully represented tenant in Malden District Court who was being evicted improperly; Due to bad conditions, breach of quiet enjoyment, and landlord’s failure to follow correct eviction procedure, tenant was allowed to stay in the premises and landlord’s claims for back rent owed were waived.
  • Successfully defended against eviction action in Framingham District Court, negotiated settlement with landlord which included partial waiver of past due rent because of bad conditions and unauthorized entry into premises.
  • Negotiated terms of eviction for trailer park seeking to evict tenant for non-payment of rent.
  • Negotiated return of security deposit to Boston-area tenants which was improperly kept by landlord.
  • Filed lawsuit against landlord for bad conditions and security deposit violations, settled with favorable terms and money damages and defended against counterclaims for lease violation and damages.


  • Updated will of client who wished to ensure ex-husband will not be entitled to her assets after she passes.
  • Drafted and executed new will for clients looking to update a 10 year old will in order to reflect changes in their family situation.
  • Drafted and executed will for young couple so that their assets are protected and created testamentary trust for the care of their infant child.
*Please note that all cases are different, and the outcome of your case will depend on the facts specific to your situation. These past results do not guarantee similar results in the future.