Eviction Lawyer in Marlborough, MA

Evictions can be a stressful situation for both landlords and tenants. Whether you need to get rid of a problem tenant or you’re a tenant who is facing eviction, you need the help of an experienced eviction attorney. Contact Aaron J. Ferrecchia for help.

Located in Marlborough, MA, my office serves Worcester, Boston, Middlesex County, and the surrounding areas. I have experience in courts across the state, including Central, Eastern, Northeast, and Southeast Housing Courts.

Eviction Lawyer for Landlords

Do you have a problem tenant who is creating issues on your property? Whether they’re not paying, violating lease terms, being a nuisance to other tenants, or engaging in illegal activities, you need an experienced attorney to ensure the eviction process goes smoothly the first time. If a judge finds that you violated any of the various Massachusetts laws regulating evictions, the results could be catastrophic.

When you call the Law Office of Aaron J. Ferrecchia, you are getting a lawyer who has a decade of experience in various housing courts in the state. I will walk you through the eviction process beginning with the notice to quit all the way through mediation and a summary process trial if necessary.

Eviction Lawyer for Renters and Tenants

As a tenant, you may feel powerless to stop the eviction process. What you may not know is that Massachusetts laws give all tenants substantial rights, and you may have the right to delay or even halt an eviction in certain circumstances.

I have helped tenants in all different scenarios, and I have used my experience and knowledge of landlord/tenant law to get tenants extra time to move out, money damages against a landlord, and most importantly, peace of mind regarding evictions, summary processes, notices to quit, and other court proceedings. Call my office today so that we can discuss if my services are the right fit for your situation.

Professional Law Services for You

No matter what type of eviction lawyer services you need, we’re here to help. The Law Office of Aaron J. Ferrecchia has a decade of experience in landlord/tenant law, and I’m dedicated to providing you with experienced, professional, timely, and affordable legal services. Call us today at 508-251-9704 for your consultation.